An exceptionally balanced workout!  Fun!  A truly welcoming studio!

All of our classes offer a well-balanced workout.  The 3 essentials of physical wellbeing are: Cardiovascular health, full body strength, and a balanced range of motion.  Each class is centred around this truth.

Our Spinning Classes are offered on the highest quality of Schwinn bikes.  Everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace and to enjoy the shared group energy.

The studio’s commitment to strength training is evident by our range of safe and highly effective modalities.  The TRX system is the foundation for many of our group classes, supplemented by the use of free weights, core strengthening, exercise balls & body weight exercises. 

Our Yoga program at the studio is privileged to offer the experience and compassion of Jacine Harrington.  Each class offers a unique blend of gentle stretching, strength postures, and mindfulness.

The class schedule at the studio will continue evolve and reflect the feedback of the people that matter most to us…YOU!

See our current schedule HERE.